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A Montessori toy is one that stimulates learning by encouraging your child to experiment. Wooden toys are great because they are beautiful, timeless, feel great to handle, carry a bit of weight, and hold their value well.

About product

Woodplicity sensory bin tools are hand-on tools for your child to explore their world through senses. Sensory play may calm, focus and engage your child for hours at a time while you get some time to work or read that book that has been waiting for you on the shelf for some time now!

Woodplicity toys are UKCA/CE marked and are safe for your child to play!


Customer Says

This Montessori toy set is fun and gives my little girl the opportunity to practise practical life skills and improv
Alexandra D.
The product came on time and my kids they just love it, they play with it every day
JM Lace

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