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A small creative studio

Hi, my name is Alina. Woodplicity is a small creative studio based in East London. I design wooden educational toys, nursery decor and interior accessories for children of all ages. All the products you find in our shop are non toxic and manufactured ethically using only natural and sustainable materials which are safe for your child.

Can you remember the special tactile sensation of running your hands over a well-crafted, strong wooden object when you were a child? (I can!) This is precisely the sensory experience I hope your child will enjoy and cherish forever.   At Woodplicity, we believe that Wood and Simplicity go hand-in-hand, allowing your child to stay active and discover the world without being overwhelmed by flashy plastic toys!

Wooden toy train



In 2020, due to the global pandemic, like other millions of parents around the world, I found myself home-schooling a five year old and entertaining a two year old, all while working from home! With a creative mind, I believed I could do it, but I needed more resources. So I started looking for natural, wooden toy tools which would encourage their imagination, would be timeless and sustainable, but soon realised that there were hardly any in UK/Europe. Hence, Woodplicity was founded and I designed the Sensory Bin Wooden Tool Set, which allowed my children to play, learn and develop fine motor skills through scooping, pouring, filling, transferring from one container to another, measuring, all using natural sensory materials and textures.

A qualified social worker, I worked in the Care industry for 20 years and I absolutely love the sector! I managed a children’s home for children and young people with autism and learning disabilities for over 11 years and understand how sensory play can meaningfully engage a child and help overcome anxieties. I am also passionate about designing and developing wooden learning resources for your children of all ages!

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Montessori style wooden toys, nursery decor and interior accessories

Natural, ethical and sustainable wooden toys